After years of being out of the picture, the Neumann Knight is once again summoned to restore order on Neumann’s Campus as Bane wreaks havoc throughout the university. Mr. Knight, knowing what must be done, lives out Neumann’s Core values of R.I.S.E.S. and slowly undoes the negativity brought on by Bane.


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Good morning folks,

Hope everyone is having an awesome semester. I’ve had a busy, but exciting semester. One of the many reasons for such an exciting semester is my project for our Universities television station. It’s a parody of a favorite film of mine, The Dark Knight Rises. Instead this will be called The Neumann Knight R.I.S.E.S. This will sadly only be a trailer parody and not a film parody. If I had the time, and resources, I definitely would love to do an actual film. 

The trailer will feature the Neumann Knight displaying the 5 core values of Neumann University, aka R.I.S.E.S. R.I.S.E.S stands for Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship.

Today is the final day of shooting and I hope to have the video uploaded this weekend! Updates will come soon! 

Made an appearance in NeuTube’s latest video, “NeuTube Texting”! The video raises awareness on the dangers of texting and walking from a humorous point of view!

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Snow and semester update

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We’ve been getting a lot of snow showers as of late. Mainly rain mixed with snow. It causes a lot of ice and slippery walk ways. It can be quite annoying. I prefer the big snow, like New England got this weekend. 

I’m looking forward to be able to do 2 sport shows again this semester. I’ll be starting my oldest one, Inside the Huddle, this Wednesday from 8AM to 9AM. It’s the earliest I have ever done a show at Neumann Radio. I’ll have to do a lot of waking up before I go on the air. However, it is fun to be the first show on the air for the day. I like the opportunity to wake up the rest of the campus with some sports talk! 


Spring Semester is here!

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Hello all,

I’m entering my second full week of the Spring semester. Christmas break went by really fast. However, I was ready to return to school and get back to working at our radio station. Yesterday, I started a new sports show called “The Sunday Sports Recap with Sean K.”. The show went well for the first episode. I hope to get more listeners in the future. 

The Weather has been really wacky here. It was close to zero degrees last week and now it’s going to be 60 degrees this Wednesday. What a turn around! I might even bring out my shorts for Wednesday!

Will check in again next week! Take care!

-Sean K. 

This semester has sure flown by!

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Hello all,

I apologize for the lack of updates. It’s been a busy semester, but I have returned!

This semester has sure flown by for me. I feel like late August was just yesterday and now it’s late November! A lot has happened. Neumann Radio celebrated College Radio Day last month and won an award recently from the College Radio Day committee. Neumann Radio won the award for best College Radio Day promotions. I was so proud of our station and everyone that I am lucky to work with every day. One of the benefits of winning this award is Neumann Radio is being featured on! is a website that has streams to practically any radio station in the world. They also have a wonderful iphone(or itouch) and android app! 

I’ll be sure to check in within the next few days!

-Sean K. 


My name is Sean Kulesa. That’s S-E-A-N K-U-L-E-S-A(I always find myself having to spell my name for people so I thought I would poke fun at that.) I’m a Junior at Neumann University and I’m studying Communications and Media Arts. When I obtain my degree, I hope to become a sports broadcaster or get involved in sports radio.

Radio is the biggest reason why I chose to attend Neumann University. When I took a tour of the campus, back in May 2009, I asked to see the radio station. They brought me to the station, I met the program director, and I was sold. Our station is free format and gives you the freedom to have any show you want(as long as it meets the Franciscan Values of Neumann).

I am now on the executive board of the station, serving as Sports Director. I host 2 sports shows and hosted a comedy hour last year. I absolutely love what I do for the station and I look forward to coming into the station every day. I love working with the other students that are involved and meeting new people. The radio station has helped me become a better person and has helped me break out of my shyness that I’ve had for many years.