Hello, Neumann!

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My name is Sean Kulesa. That’s S-E-A-N K-U-L-E-S-A(I always find myself having to spell my name for people so I thought I would poke fun at that.) I’m a Junior at Neumann University and I’m studying Communications and Media Arts. When I obtain my degree, I hope to become a sports broadcaster or get involved in sports radio.

Radio is the biggest reason why I chose to attend Neumann University. When I took a tour of the campus, back in May 2009, I asked to see the radio station. They brought me to the station, I met the program director, and I was sold. Our station is free format and gives you the freedom to have any show you want(as long as it meets the Franciscan Values of Neumann).

I am now on the executive board of the station, serving as Sports Director. I host 2 sports shows and hosted a comedy hour last year. I absolutely love what I do for the station and I look forward to coming into the station every day. I love working with the other students that are involved and meeting new people. The radio station has helped me become a better person and has helped me break out of my shyness that I’ve had for many years.


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